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What are we?

Our galaxy has always been a very cold and dark existence for many commanders, especially those that are simply trying to make an honest living to support their families. Miners, trader, explorers... they wake up every day reassuring their wives, husbands, and children that they'll be home in time for supper, however knowing full well the risks and the dangers that await them the moment their ship leaves the star port. Time and time again you read the reports on Galnet of the senseless acts of violence against these hard working citizens. ... Read more

What is Paladin Consortium?

The original Paladins traveled together from their home planet in the Sol system in search of a better life. When they arrived in the region of LFT 37 they began to settle, building a station (Roentgen Hub) orbiting what would become their home planet, LFT 37 1. Lit by their star Durandal, this planet provided food. The nearby LFT 37 2 provided resources, via the Onnes Gateway station. Once settled, a third station - Savinykh Hub - was built orbiting LFT 37 3 with a focus on trade.

In those early days, many of the convoy ships that followed ... Read more

Paladin Games: First game

Yesterday was the first competition of the Paladin Games. Hosted by House of Phoenicia, paladins had to convoy as many tons of Apa Vietii as possible and deliver them to Gresley Landing in Kappa Phoenicis. The evening was spiced up by a renowned pirate, cmdr Savinikh and his fearless crew. At the end of the evening, house Andhrimi won this first game by delivering 116 tons of Vietii. Followed by NMTC and house Qarato, the Andhrims are taking the lead of the Paladin Games. Next competition will be a SRV race!

A massive threat coming from Apam Napat

While the Apam Napat Partners (ANP) were the original system founders, much has changed in the several hundred years since permanent habitation of the system. Originally set up as a small high tech research facility, over time ANP expanded into extraction and trade with other systems rather than pure research. At this time, they started to create strong connections with an emerging company, NMTC. The ANP managed to keep both the Empire and Federation at bay through being too small of an operation to attract too much attention but being large e... Read more

PalComm of the week: Cmdr Valorin

This week, PalComm features cmdr Valorin, explorer of the consortium!

Q: Why did you engage yourself in the distant world 2 expedition?
A: Thousands of people banding together for a significant feat of exploration and science instead of conflict? That's something the human race doesn't do very often, so I wanted to be part of it.

Q: How does it feel to be so far away from home?
A: That's actually not an easy question given the recent news about Thargoid attacks doubling up. I worry for my home. Apart from that it sure feels... Read more

A successful convoy to the Pleiades!

The rescue convoy to the Pleiades was a success. The fleet arrived yesterday, at 23:47, in Asari Orbital. Several cargo ships gave enormous amounts of painite, medecine, food and water to the station.

The pirate activity was lower than expected, meaning that the strategies deployed to avoid their ships were successful. Only one pirate, full of faith, tried to put his hand on a tasty cargo.

Paladin Consortium - Unified as one.

War in Lave

A civil war recently started in Lave between Lave Radio Network and AEDC.
Paladin Consortium decided to answer positively to the call for help from their Allies.
Paladin Consortium will secure the space in the Old world and try to bring back peace into the void.

Big Pappa's base!

Andhrimi finally got its asteroid base! Feel free to visit "Big Pappa's base" in one of the most beautiful ring of our systems!
Many paladins joined in Savinykh Hub (LFT 37) on Thurday 14th 3303, with ships full of chaff! After a beautifully synchronized jump, everybody arrived in Andhrimi to celebrate this amazing new asteroid base! A new paradise for bounty hunters...


No events in the calendar for the coming weeks

Help your fellow paladins keeping track of what is going on

We are looking for free lance reporters for the locker. As a free lance reporter you will write news stories about things going on in Paladin Consortium.
Send a personal message to NordicLion on Discord if you want to be a free lance reporter.

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About Paladin Consortium

"Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One"

Who are we?

Simply put, we are pilots that believe in experiencing everything that Elite: Dangerous has to offer... and when required, come together to accomplish specific goals/objectives as a collective unit.

What do we do?

We fly together, exchange experiences, host group events and competitions and do our best to make our game time enjoyable together.

Whether you are a hard core Elite pilot, an occasional flyer, or a roleplayer who "lives the life", our group has something for you!


We encourage every member to do the things they enjoy, and we provide opportunity to learn new skills and trades. We ask members to share their knowledge with other members of the group, helping each other to experience everything in the game. 

We foster active participation here and on Discord, as well as in-game to promote camaraderie with our members.

How do I join?

You can sign up both here and on inara.com, preferably both. We have a few rules for membership

  • You are 18 years or older
  • You don't kill players who don't wish to fight, ie. no "griefing"
  • You want to be an active member of our group

We look forward to flying with you!

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