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The battle for Aparctias

The battle for Aparctias is coming. While Paladin Consortium is slowly retreating from the system, Union for Aparctias future (UAF) and EGU are entering in a conflict that will most likely determine the futur of this sytem. The dictatorship that EGU applies on the population of this system has recently reached a new level of horror that we cannot tolerate. For that reason, Paladin Consortium decided to help UAF to gain the system control.
Our mission as Paladins is simple. Until the war start, we need to increase the influence of UAF by shari... Read more

Call for the battle of L 119-33

Dear Paladins,

"Shall we allow our audacious enemies to violate with impunity the territory of the Consortium? Will you permit the army to escape which has carried terror into your families and friends? You will not. March, then, to meet him. Tear from his brows the laurels he has won. Teach the world that a malediction attends those that violate the territory of the Paladins. The result of our efforts will be unclouded glory, and a durable peace."

Today, we have a great opportunity. The opportunity to show EG pilots that they are vulnera... Read more

No events in the calendar for the coming weeks

Help your fellow paladins keeping track of what is going on

We are looking for free lance reporters for the locker. As a free lance reporter you will write news stories about things going on in Paladin Consortium.
Send a personal message to NordicLion on Discord if you want to be a free lance reporter.

About PaladinLocker.com

PaladinLocker.com is a resource for the game Elite:Dangerous for the whole community and a group website for the player group Paladin Consortium.

You can sign up as a guest, a diplomat from another player group or as a member of Paladin Consortium.

Guides are written by designated guide authors. If you have an idea for a guide or want to become a guide writer, please post in the forum topic "Submissions/applications for guide writing". Any registered user can become a guide author.

News are from the Paladin Consortium leadership, but you can suggest or submit news stories in the topic "Submissions for news stories".

About Paladin Consortium

"Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One"

Who are we?

Simply put, we are pilots that believe in experiencing everything that Elite: Dangerous has to offer... and when required, come together to accomplish specific goals/objectives as a collective unit.

What do we do?

We fly together, exchange experiences, host group events and competitions and do our best to make our game time enjoyable together.

Whether you are a hard core Elite pilot, an occasional flyer, or a roleplayer who "lives the life", our group has something for you!


We encourage every member to do the things they enjoy, and we provide opportunity to learn new skills and trades. We ask members to share their knowledge with other members of the group, helping each other to experience everything in the game. 

We foster active participation here and on Discord, as well as in-game to promote camaraderie with our members.

How do I join?

You can sign up both here and on inara.com, preferably both. We have a few rules for membership

  • You are 18 years or older
  • You don't kill players who don't wish to fight, ie. no "griefing"
  • You want to be an active member of our group

We look forward to flying with you!

Read more

Recent posts in the forum

2018-07-11 10:25:57 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "Breathe Free"
Salutations to you, this is DJ Dax coming at ya from behind the lines and with nothing but being true. And here with me is Missy MacGee, partner in crime and voice. Gulping that air while we bring you more tinfoil than you can fold! Wanna chit? Line us through normal means. Still seeking, Stiff Shirts, Pinkie Tees or Uni Tots? We're not atelling, but cloaked mayhaps. Hot hugs needed...Read more

2018-02-07 07:32:14 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "Breathe Free"
Salutations to you, this is DJ Dax coming at ya from behind the lines and with nothing but being true. And here with me is Missy MacGee, partner in crime and voice. Gulping that air while we bring you more tinfoil than you can fold! Wanna chit? Line us through normal means. Stiff Shirt, Pinkie Tea or Uni Tot? We're still dooking around Isis, so pay repects and come get us... Or are you fowl?...Read more

2018-02-07 07:17:59 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "Onwards to the Amethyst Sphere"
It is amazing that you recall the smallest details when you try and remember someone you loved, yet often the biggest remain beyond your grasp. I remember my first so called serious boyfriend, not what he looks like or how he acted but the very worrying rattle of his Sidewinder whenever it's landing gear retracted, a vibration that shock the sole passenger cabin (and for a brief two weeks inbe...Read more

2018-02-06 07:05:43 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "Onwards to the Amethyst Sphere"
My Grandfather was a man of mystery, even to me. What little I know about his past was the heavily biased rantings of my own father, whose hatred for him was plain to see. A scoundrel, a pirate, a dishonourable stain on the Vladov name, all these and more yet my father sent me to live with him after I was expelled from the Academy on Achenar.  My Father... I call him that yet he was n...Read more

2018-02-06 06:13:11 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "The Pally"
6th February 3304 Qarato : Funeral of Local Character is Held The funeral of Mesha Vladov, so called trader and local character, was held yesterday to a select few including his granddaughter, Aeris. A larger than life, always willing to buy a round in at the bar, Vladov had a story of his adventures at hand to entertain and thrill anyone willing to listen. Whether it be the story of pirates or...Read more

2018-01-12 07:35:13 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "The Pally"
12th January 3304 Qarato : Missing Billionaires Ship Found The "Dark Empress", an Imperial Class Courier belonging to the missing billionaire Sir Tootson, has been found abandoned but undamaged on Qarato 1. The search continues for Sir Tootson, with Qarato 1 being the focal point, but Qarato authorities are beginning to lose hope in finding him alive. "While it is promising that his ...Read more

2018-01-11 07:38:55 Blackmailgnome wrote in the thread "The Pally"
11th January 3304 Isis : Head of Private Security Missing Alistar Greeves, head and founder of private escort and security service "Sons of Osiris" has been reported missing in Isis. Late last night, the alarm was raised by his wife, Jaren, after failing to receive a pre-arranged safety message. A spokesperson for the Sons of Osiris said, "After failing to receive an 'OK' messag...Read more

Materials Management

A simple tool to help you manage your inventory of materials and data
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Fast Fed rank and big credits

In the outskirts of the Bubble you can find systems offering lots of easy to complete missions. The systems in this guide were discovered by Cmdr Gravi0us, and after earning 3 Fed ranks and 600 million credits in less than 10 hours play time, I will now tell you where to go and how to do it.
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Mining - an NMTC guide to efficiency

A guideline to mining efficiency. Tips and tricks of the trade. Everything you need know when starting a carreer as a miner with NMTC.
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Road to Riches - by cmdr VicTic

Road to Riches is a web app that can give you a route with high value scanning targets to get you lost of credits and exploration rank fast. This guide will list the 400/700 route from LFT 37, as per recommendation from cmdr NeilKD.
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Exploration - Zero to Hero in under 5 days - by cmdr Inyahin

Zero to Hero is the original guide to achieving Exploration elite rank while earning lots of credits, very fast - by our very own cmdr Inyahin.
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