Houses of Paladin Consortium


Paladin Consortium consists of 8 houses. The houses have their own distinct identity and culture. Some houses favour one type of in-game activity over others, while other houses are more committed to the social aspect of the game, embracing all play styles.

Below is a list of the houses of Paladin Consortium and the officials of each house. Contact one of the officials on Discord or send a request to join a house using the form on the bottom of this page.

The houses:

House of Andhrimi

House of Isisi

House of Phoenicia
(Kappa Phoenicis)

House of Nabat

House of Nemet

House of Qarato

House of Segovite

House of Tavgan

Meteoric Indigo (BGS Captain)

Zakalwe88 (Senator)

Blackgoofguy (Social Secretary)

wolfger (Social Secretary)

Hersilia (Senator)

A1isone (BGS Captain)

Blackwaters (Social Secretary)

Noduran (Social Secretary)

Gravi0us (Senator)

NeilKD (BGS Captain)

Shady Jay (BGS Captain)

Henfether (Social Secretary)

oswinx2014 (Senator)

Dan deLion (Senator)

SpeedRaider (BGS Captain)

M. Grey (Social Secretary)

Inyahin (BGS Captain)

Treecutter81 (Social Secretary)

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About the houses:



To The Andhrim, Andhrimi is still a powerhouse of technological innovation. However, because of its wealth and advanced technologies, the system was often invaded, hence the original Paladin presence. The Andhrim are excellent bounty hunters, rumoured to carry a mutation that makes them able to detect the ill intentions of pirates lurking for their next victims in the trade lanes and extraction sites. They are also known as hard workers, a testament to which is the massive Big Pappa's Base, carved out from a large asteroid in one of the mineral rich rings of the system.

House of Andhrimi is part of the house coalition Nabatean Mining and Trading Corporation (NMTC)



Every society has its rebels and undesirables; those not accepted by the mainstream. The Isisi are a mix of life’s more “interesting” lifestyles, spanning from underground subculture creativity to desctructive anarchists. While the paladins living there thrive in their chosen environment, the House of Isisi do their part of the trading, mining and protective patrolling that keeps the Paladin Consortium together.

House if Isisi is part of the house coalition Shadow Alliance.



It is often said that if you want a job started with enthusiasm ask a Phoenician, but if you ever want that job finished ask someone else. It's not that the Phoenicians don't care - they care passionately - it's that they care passionately about everything. While rarely being the best all rounders the Phoenicians tend to excel in the area that interests them the most, and as such their ranks hold famous explorers, champion fighters and celebrated artists.

House of Phoenicis is part of the house coalition New Arrakis.



The Nabateans are one of the most successful Houses in the Consortium, controlling the Sugrivik system which is by far the most populous of the Paladin Consortium systems. The Nabateans are expert miners, and their ranks hold some of the most succesful passenger and transportation tycoons in Paladin space. But don't get them wrong, if you try to cut into their profits, the Nabateans will show themselves being fierce fighters as well.

House of Nabat is part of the house coalition Nabatean Mining and Trading Corporation (NMTC).



While establishing the consortium, Nemet was the centre of operations. The military headquarters from those early days, Gwynn Keep, remains today. The Nemetians dominate the higher ranks in the Paladin Consortium armed forces and in combat you will often see them spearheading the offensive maneuvres.

House of Nemet is part of the house coalition Nabatean Mining and Trading Corporation (NMTC).



It is difficult to summarise the Qarats without seeming impolite. In a way their House is one focused on commerce, but it is usually commerce that the authorities would like to know more about. Qarats are masters of flying cold and undetected which also makes them important assets in the covert operations and intelligence gathering of the Paladin Consortium navy.

House if Qarato is part of the house coalition Shadow Alliance.



The Segovites are a mystery. Travelling through the Segovit system you will rarely meet another commander, but you can be sure that you are being watched from the shadows. The Segovites form the backbone of the strategic command and of the covert operations forces of Paladin Consortium.

House of Segovite is part of the house coalition Shadow Alliance.



The Tavgan are religiously law abiding, and expect nothing less from those they encounter. They are known for their zero tolerance approach to any sort of crime. The House of Tavgan includes some of the most efficient bounty hunters of Paladin Consortium, working to carry out their calling with ever more finesse, though they are not oblivious to the value accruing cold credits. They are an impetuous idealistic bunch who, whilst well meaning, get themselves into frequent scrapes and adventures.

House of Tavgan is part of the house coalition New Arrakis.