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Popular guides:

Getting Guardian Blueprints and Pattern Data scans

Updated ! Collecting Guardian weapon, Guardian Fighter and Module Blueprints also Pattern Obelisk Data
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Mining - an NMTC guide to efficiency

A guideline to mining efficiency. Tips and tricks of the trade. Everything you need know when starting a carreer as a miner with NMTC.
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Engineer materials - Ship loot

List of ship loot the different ship types. (ED 2.1 - copied form old PalCon Forum)
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FAOFF - First steps

You don't trust your flight computer? This is about how to regain control!
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Road to Riches - by cmdr VicTic

Road to Riches is a web app that can give you a route with high value scanning targets to get you lost of credits and exploration rank fast. This guide will list the 400/700 route from LFT 37, as per recommendation from cmdr NeilKD.
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Exploration - Zero to Hero in under 5 days - by cmdr Inyahin

Zero to Hero is the original guide to achieving Exploration elite rank while earning lots of credits, very fast - by our very own cmdr Inyahin.
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Nordic's Quick Guide to Exploration

Heading out in the black for the first time? Read this quick guide of what to see where and how to get there.
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Materials Management

A simple tool to help you manage your inventory of materials and data
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Fast Fed rank and big credits

In the outskirts of the Bubble you can find systems offering lots of easy to complete missions. The systems in this guide were discovered by Cmdr Gravi0us, and after earning 3 Fed ranks and 600 million credits in less than 10 hours play time, I will now tell you where to go and how to do it.
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Big Bucks From Professor Palin

Professor Palin is paying big bucks for Thargoid stuff in Maia, and fortunately I can tell you where to find plenty of it.
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