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The Unification Act of October 3306

Posted 2020-10-06 09:13:55 by Noduran

The Unification Act of October 3306

During the long history of the Consortium, houses have always been independent societies. Over the last few galactic years the Senate has worked toward a new unification system. The goal: standardising the political structures of the Consortiums' houses. In October 3306 the Senate and the Council launched the Unification Act with the purpose of restructuring the institutions and the administrations. While the houses maintain their independence their internal organisation will be now standardised. Such change should reinforce our Consortium while simplifying the overall structure.

Paladin Consortium has decided to initiate three highly specialised corps in parallel, to shine in the galaxy by providing the best experts in demanded fields. The Paladin Consortium is willing to answer to the fast changes happening in the Galaxy, and play a big part in the coming Odyssey.

These three corporations are institutions of the Consortium. Such reorganisation is necessary for important reasons: clarification of the administration, allocation of fundings and a better influence outside the Paladin spheres. These corporations are called to work together for a better future. Therefore, Paladin pilots can be members of several corp. Each apprentice will be affiliated to an institution at their arrival in the Consortium. These institutions are not linked to any houses, and will be answering to the Senate and the Council.

- The board of trading will be mainly administered by NMTC. The Nabatean Mining and Trading Company has always been the economic heart of the Paladin Consortium. Founded and developed by CMDR Gravi0us, former Chief of Operations of NMTC and CEO of the Paladin Consortium, NMTC expanded its influence far beyond our frontiers. Following the act of October 3306, NMTC was tasked by the senate to secure the mining interests within the Paladin Bubble, and to develop and secure new trading routes. With the addition of less legal ways to transport certain goods across Paladin space courtesy of the House of Qarat, and the questionably legal ways used by the House of Isis to obtain commodities, NMTC is certain to have some good quarterly data in the future.

- The ANPH Academy of Science is an institution who represent theoretical and applied sciences as well as galactic exploration and colonisation. The Academy is administered by the houses of Andhrimi and Phoenicia. They are the voices of our colonies and science. Their responsibilities include the most noble ones such as education, history and exploration.

- NOVA corps will provide escort and mercenary services for the Paladins and their friends. Their main duties are securing the traffic in the Paladin Bubble as well as supporting and escorting explorers and traders. NOVA will offer mercenary services. These services will have to respect the rules of engagement and the charter of conduct issued by the Pilot’s Federation and the Paladin Consortium. The pilot school of Nemet will be in charge of their formation and management, together with the house of Tavgi and Segovit. NOVA will also lead the fight against the Thargoids, planning operations in systems affected by their incursion.

Posted 2020-09-10 12:09:32 by Noduran

Following the attack of Mackenzie Relay station in the Imperial territory, Paladin Consortium sent a few scouts to assess the situation and confirm the involvment of the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA).

Once more information on the situation wil be available, a humanitarian convoy will depart from LFT 37 and head toward Mackenzie Relay to support the reconstruction effort and provide help to the local population.

Valarirca found!

Posted 2020-07-13 09:33:00 by Noduran

The Valarirca was safely found in the Synuefe system. Since their recovery, more information on the problem were gathered.

The Valarirca was attacked by thargoids at the entrance of the of the sector. Some corrosive damages were observed in the exhaust of the new tritium-based prototype of FSD. One of the ship's fighter, crashed in the nearby planet. The pilot did not survive, but the security drone of the fighter was able to send an emergency signal and a picture of the crash. The body of the pilot was found and returned to the family.

The engineering team of the lost Valarirca managed to boost their communication range despite the damages and send a series of low energy signals to guide the rescue team. A large cohort of Paladins helped to decode the messages, and jumped toward the Synuefe system to find the Valarirca.

Unfortunately, the damages from the FSD created a lot of tritium based interference which made the ships' sensor unusable. The rescue team therefore started to look for the crashed ship "the old way". It took several hours to locate the Valarirca.

Most of the crew was healthy, and only a few light injuries were observed. The tritium FSD was successfully patched, providing the possibility for the Valarirca to enter supercruise and join the fleet carrier, Eta carinae, which transported back the ship to our bubble.

Paladin Consortium wishes to thanks all the paladins involved in this successful rescue mission.

The missing crew: a new hope

Posted 2020-06-15 13:22:10 by Noduran
Edited 2020-06-15 13:22:57 by Noduran

Dear Paladins,

The recent efforts of the scientists have paid off, and they managed to narrow the search windows into a small sector.

We are going to launch a brand new megaship, PC Eta Carinae, into the sector. We are very confident that the scientific teams found the last signature of the Valarirca, around 500 Ly from the original search sector. The good news, the ship is closer to our bubble than anticipated, in the Synuefe sector.

The famous Cmdr NeilKD will be in charge of the expedition. We are calling for all Paladins willing to help to board the ship before this **Saturday 20th 3306, 16 GMT**.

PC Eta Carinae has been outfitted with the best available sensors to scan all the tritium wake signatures in the area. We are confident that those sensors will be able to locate the crew and the wreck.

It is very recommended to bring rescue equipment for this journey, as the Valarirca may be badly damaged. SRV, repair limpets, as well as extra tritium for Eta Carinae.

The first priority is to rescue the crew. If possible, the ship should be repaired and dock to Eta Carinae.

The missing crew: update 5

Posted 2020-06-08 13:38:55 by Noduran

Thanks to our Cmdrs, a lot of data have been transferred to our labs in Andhrimi and LFT 37. The labs have been working days and nights to decode the different signals sources and find irregularities. They did find one which could correspond to the signature of a tritium based witchspace contracture. However, this "sign" of a tritium jump was much bigger than expected for the prototype of FSD onboard the Valarirca. As suspected, this could indicate a drastic overcharge of the FSD. As no debris were found nearby this jump site, we can expect the Valarirca to be anywhere in the galaxy.

Missing crew: update 4

Posted 2020-06-04 13:26:55 by Noduran

The first data from the BV-Y systems have been delivered in our systems. The scientific teams in Andhrimi and LFT37 will collaborate to analyse those data. They are looking for little anomalies that would be undetectable by the computers in a standard ship. However, supercomputers and their algorithms may be able to highlight those variations from normal spectrum.

It is capital that a little more data arrive to our systems in the coming days.

The missing crew: update 3

Posted 2020-06-02 10:14:17 by Noduran
Edited 2020-06-02 10:52:58 by Noduran

The teams in Andhrimi have been working as hard as they can to reproduce the conditions of the potential accident. The prototype MTF-I (Miniature Tritium Fsd) could potentially have suffered from an overcharge. While the details of this incident are quite complicated, two outcomes appear to be statistically plausible. First, the overcharge led to a total disintegration of the ship. The crew may have had the time to launch escape pods. The second scenario would have created an uncontrolled jump, pushing the crew somewhere within 10-35943 Ly from their previous position.

Since the Valarirca was flying in the BV-Y sector, we contacted the asteroid base in BV-Y c7, Darwin Research Facility, in order to launch a search and rescue team. Unfortunately, the base do not have ships, neither manpower, to start such a large enterprise.

The council is launching a search and rescue mission, centered around Darwin base. A contract will be issued, the goal being to scan and map massively the region. Probing planets and systems with signal sources could help us locate the ship, if the Valarirca is still in the area.

Missing crew: update 2

Posted 2020-06-01 11:26:05 by Noduran

The lead scientist of Yurchiken station in Andhrimi has shared some documents, declassified yesterday by the consortium, to our journalists. By reading those documents, we learn that the Valarirca was recently outfitted with a new type of FSD using tritium fuel. Those FSD were recently developed to equip massive crafts, like capital ships, megaships and fleet carriers. Andhrimis' team have been working hard on a miniature FSD using the same fuel source as those titans. The potential, a drastically increased jump range.

Chieff of staff Henfether affirmed that the test was very well controlled, and the Valarirca was hopping from system to system at a very slow rate. The scientists have currently no idea about what may have happened to the prototype vessel, but they are very confident that the probability for their FSD to encounter an issue was very low. However, if it did, the Valarirca could be everywhere in he galaxy, or destroyed.

Missing crew: update

Posted 2020-05-29 12:58:51 by Noduran

The Valarirca, also nicknamed Blue turtle by her crew (for unknown reasons), is an experimental ship built within a federal corvette. The ship is often equipped with prototypes of new modules and software versions. For those reasons, the crew of the Blue turtle requires many engineers and scientists to monitor those technologies.

The purpose of their last mission has yet to be communicated by PalCon's council, but the comm link between PalCon siege and the Valarirca was until yesterday, excellent. PalCon's CEO was able to attend all meetings via telepresence, and pursue his function. Chieff of Staff Henfether will assure the CEOs' function, as requested by the protocol, until the crew of the Valarirca is found.

Many famous personalities are part of this crew. Angela Cardenas, CQC champion and one of the most famous Tavgan pilot, as well as Joseph "La gachette" Wilson, grand champion of Nemetians multi-darts. Two new apprentices recently passed the drastic selections to join the crew, Alice Glide and Christophe Taylor.

We will update you as soon as more information are available.

The missing crew

Posted 2020-05-29 08:19:30 by Noduran

A highly modified federal corvette has been reported missing yesterday, with a crew of 35 people and their captain, PalCon's CEO, Cmdr Noduran.

The crew was heading toward the California Nebula when last reported. The details or their missions has yet to be made public.

Paladin Games: First game

Posted 2020-01-12 18:56:43 by Noduran

Yesterday was the first competition of the Paladin Games. Hosted by House of Phoenicia, paladins had to convoy as many tons of Apa Vietii as possible and deliver them to Gresley Landing in Kappa Phoenicis. The evening was spiced up by a renowned pirate, cmdr Savinikh and his fearless crew. At the end of the evening, house Andhrimi won this first game by delivering 116 tons of Vietii. Followed by NMTC and house Qarato, the Andhrims are taking the lead of the Paladin Games. Next competition will be a SRV race!

Consortium houses reestablishing themselves - and vying for control of the paladin systems

Posted 2019-11-26 18:26:21 by NordicLion

The eight houses of Paladin Consortium are one by one awakening from a year long hiatus, as paladins flock to declare their loyalty to each their birth house. Nabateans, Isisi, Tavgans and Segovites are the best organised for now, but we will no doubt soon see Qarats, Phoenicians, Andhrim and maybe even Nemetians stepping forward to bring glory to their houses once again.
The ancient Paladin Senate Halls have been reopened and house representatives have gathered to negotiate among themselves and with the Paladin Council. Chief executive in the Paladin Consortium, Admiral Noduran, is hosting the negotiations, and even the mighty Inquisitor M.Grey and the wise strategist NeilKD have joined the talks to ensure that the houses move forward in conjunction with the best interests of the entire Consortium.
Currently rumors say that the houses look to take control of some of the many star systems that have joined the Paladin Consortium during recent years, and some even plan to spearhead further expansion of the paladin controlled bubble and bring the welfare and security of Paladin Consortium to even more star systems.
To mitigate the inevitable rivalry between the houses, plans have arisen to reestablish the paladin games and other peaceful competition.
We welcome the reignited passion for the consortium houses and hope to see even more pilots and crew of Paladin Consortium join each their mother house.

A massive threat coming from Apam Napat

Posted 2019-05-03 13:54:40 by Noduran

While the Apam Napat Partners (ANP) were the original system founders, much has changed in the several hundred years since permanent habitation of the system. Originally set up as a small high tech research facility, over time ANP expanded into extraction and trade with other systems rather than pure research. At this time, they started to create strong connections with an emerging company, NMTC. The ANP managed to keep both the Empire and Federation at bay through being too small of an operation to attract too much attention but being large enough to pay for local system security. As the number of colonists grew, the small but functional station in orbit around Apam Napat 5 was deemed too small and several other outposts were constructed. It was during this new wave of colonization that the Empire began to gain a foothold in the system, with several affluent families exploring the rather promising terraforming potential of Apam Napat 5. Still, the ANP held sway over the system, partly due to the tech that they were researching and developing but also because they paid for system security. Though it wasn’t too long before ANP fell from grace.

A schism had been forming over the years between various board members of the ANP, one faction had put forward the idea that they should accept Empire patronage and allow imperial terraformers to proceed with the terraforming of Apam Napat 5, while the larger and more conservative wanted to remain independent of any Power’s control. It was thought that all things were settled when those pro imperialists went quiet for a year, but it was just the calm before the storm.

An extraordinary meeting was called for all board members, but once they turned up they found that their imperialist colleagues had taken control of the local security services and had formed a coalition with other heads of imperial families in the system. The remaining ANP members tried to take back control of the situation but the battle for the original outpost lasted days and was a one sided conflict.
The ANP was given a seat at the table, but for all intents and purposes had lost control of the system to the Imperial Coalition. Over time this coalition formed into an Assembly and ended up taking the name Apam Napat Empire Assembly (or just The Assembly for short). For the next fifty years Apam Napat grew in population and prospered, with both the terraforming of Apam Napat 5 (now called Grahame) and the completion of a Coriolis Station (Majida) in orbit around. The Assembly governed reasonably, and Imperial forces helped keep order around the local stations and outposts.

Around 3268 a young duke was promoted to governor of the system, and head of The Assembly. Duke Marcus Rallion was a promising officer of the Imperial Navy that had a few too many progressive ideas (i.e. wanted imperial slavery banned), so being sent to an outlier of an Imperial system allowed conservatives room to breathe. Unfortunately, he started his governance by asking back The ANP back into the board room by offering them a stake in control of the system (and of course they had to contribute to the finances). The Duke was seen as a liberal in many ways, scoffed at hunting, refused to allow Imperial Slaves in his residence (he hired them as live in servants rather than let them have the tag of slave associated with them) and even refused all the pomp that went with his title.

The Duke ushered in an era of prosperity that helped all who lived in Apam Napat for the next four decades. This all ended when the Duke’s ship had an unexplained FSD failure that left him adrift and without life support in the Isis system. Many mourned his death and talks about who would replace him gathered momentum. It was during the Duke’s funeral in 3299 that someone claimed his right, a young officer by the name of Arlan Rallion stepped forwards and declared that his “Uncle” had asked him to take over upon his death. Documentation was presented to argue the case, and Duke Arlan’s title of “nephew” was also dissected (the term nephew often refers to an elder sponsoring a non family member. Duke Marcus had never married and had no children so this in itself was not unusual).

In 3300 Duke Arlan was sworn in as governor and within months had upset many at the highest levels by removing all liberal leaning representatives of The Assembly and replacing them with his men/women and revoked The ANP’s seat. He also opening encouraged people to take on Imperial Slaves as their duty to the Empire. Within a few years, Duke Arlan had taken total control of Apam Napat, as well as partial control over several systems (including Tsim Binba). He was known to be a ruthless man both in the boardroom and in conflict zones, never giving an inch to anybody and always coming out on top. Yet the populace were content, even happy with their Duke. He could walk amongst his people without needing any bodyguard, as he had few enemies.

To many he was the perfect Duke.

The boom and prosperity of the systems The Assembly controlled, hid the actual realities of life under Arlan Law. Imperial Slaves were forcibly sterilized as a way to control destitution as were the many “concubines” of the Duke, those convicted of crimes against the Empire had brain limiters implanted while those with alternative lifestyles were given specialist therapy to return back to Imperial life. Every station had a cleansing team - people whose job was to cleanse the area of undesirables and miscreants.

Outspoken critics of the Duke found family members charged with deplorable crimes like pedophilia, while in extreme cases, execution due to treason. As Duke Arlan controlled the system media, and had influence in surrounding systems, nothing negative about him or the Assembly ever reached the ears of those that could do something.

Rumour has it that The Assembly is planning to expand into PalCon space. First, the empire signatures has significantly increased in the signals detected in Paladin space over the last weeks. The specialists of the Consortium have increased the threat level for a potential invasion. Second, the tyranny in place in Apam Napat cannot stay in place. One last provocation was for The Assembly to cut all access for NMTC in Apam Napat, and keeping some of their miners as Prisoners. For all those reasons, Paladin Consortium has declared war to the Assembly.

PalComm of the week: Cmdr Valorin

Posted 2019-03-19 11:22:11 by Noduran

This week, PalComm features cmdr Valorin, explorer of the consortium!

Q: Why did you engage yourself in the distant world 2 expedition?
A: Thousands of people banding together for a significant feat of exploration and science instead of conflict? That's something the human race doesn't do very often, so I wanted to be part of it.

Q: How does it feel to be so far away from home?
A: That's actually not an easy question given the recent news about Thargoid attacks doubling up. I worry for my home. Apart from that it sure feels like being cut off from the world, but it's also strange how the "void" isn't empty at all.

Q:How did you prepare your ship and crew for such expedition?
A: You mean, without boring you to death with technical details? Getting the Clairvoyance ready for the trip was a lot of work. I also called in a few favors to meet up with the top notch engineers for things like hardening shields and armor without adding too much mass. Apart from that there are the small things you don't want to fail in the middle of nowhere, like sanitary units... Witnessed that once as a passenger. Wasn't pretty.

Q: DW2 is quite an important fleet, do you often meet other crew?
A: Not as often as I thought I would actually. We met up a few times at the stations at Omega Sector and Explorer's Anchorage, and sometimes I join into survey missions and sightseeing, I mean, scientific recon endeavors. Also did some mining together to get the station up and running.

Q: For you, what is the real goal of DW2?
A: The real goal... Hm. I've been to Orion multiple times, regularly to the Pleiades and visited the Formidine Rift but I've never been to the Core or beyond. This was an opportunity I didn't want to miss.

What are we?

Posted 2019-03-19 11:17:32 by Noduran
Edited 2019-03-19 13:07:28 by Inyahin

Our galaxy has always been a very cold and dark existence for many commanders, especially those that are simply trying to make an honest living to support their families. Miners, trader, explorers... they wake up every day reassuring their wives, husbands, and children that they'll be home in time for supper, however knowing full well the risks and the dangers that await them the moment their ship leaves the star port. Time and time again you read the reports on Galnet of the senseless acts of violence against these hard working citizens. Some are pirated for their cargo and allowed to carry on their way, however most end up simply being murdered for the sick satisfaction of others. You hear the reports from the victim's families calling for revenge, begging for somebody to stand up and do something. Alas, the only responses heard are even more family members' pleas for justice. It wasn’t until the day Zerthena, the wife of my life long mentor, came to me with the news of his untimely demise at the hands of injustice. Word is he was able to take out 3 of the pirates before another full wing joined in to finish him off. Now I too, was finding myself wondering "Why isn't anybody doing anything?" Then it hit me. "What if every commander that has ever been bullied, tormented, and taunted... decided to all stand together united as one and say 'enough is enough'?

Of course these commanders would still need to make a living, but they would also spend time training in the art of combat. So when the time came, they would be able to come together in overwhelming numbers in support of each other no matter the obstacles placed in front of them. They would send wings of commanders to areas where the inexperienced fly to teach them basic survival skills, work with them so they understand how to make a decent living and hold true to that daily promise of being home by supper. Give them the necessary skills to not only defend themselves, but to hopefully one day be able to join the cause and stand up to injustice. Most importantly, show them how to fly with integrity... This simple idea was forged into the foundation of the Paladin Consortium, "Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One.

What is Paladin Consortium?

Posted 2019-03-19 11:16:31 by Noduran
Edited 2019-03-19 13:06:53 by Inyahin

The original Paladins traveled together from their home planet in the Sol system in search of a better life. When they arrived in the region of LFT 37 they began to settle, building a station (Roentgen Hub) orbiting what would become their home planet, LFT 37 1. Lit by their star Durandal, this planet provided food. The nearby LFT 37 2 provided resources, via the Onnes Gateway station. Once settled, a third station - Savinykh Hub - was built orbiting LFT 37 3 with a focus on trade.

In those early days, many of the convoy ships that followed the settlers decided to base themselves in nearby systems – attracted by the dominant characteristics of the societies already living in them-. These Paladins became known by the local inhabitants, and created the Houses of the Consortium.

The technologically advanced Andhrims; the artists of Kappa Phoenicia; the devout, law abiding Tavgans; the ethically flexible Qarats; the mysterious loners of Segovit; society’s devient’s and independents in Isis; the military focused Paladin Templar force in Nemet; and not forgetting the largest of all, a corporation that in the early days had become so economically and politically important it took its own system – the Nabatean Mining and Transportation Company

These systems had their own governments in which the Paladin participated. With the original leadership of the Paladin settled in LFT 37, and LFT37 considered the mother system, a Senate formed, with Senators drawn from each of the Houses. Thus the Consortium came to be. In many cases the Paladin Consortium came to run the systems – more by default than design - but, with the Consortium being democratically minded, the systems went through regular political upheaval. Over time, the lines between the settlers and the original inhabitants blurred and the Paladin Consortium became a melting pot – a group that shared a way of thinking, rather than a shared origin?