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We took back Qarato!

Posted 2018-10-18 11:06:17 by Noduran
Edited 2018-11-07 10:39:32 by NordicLion

Congratulation Paladins!
With all your efforts, we took back Qarato! It is now time to celebrate!
May the beer and smoH!ke be free for all!

Stock ship tournament

Posted 2018-10-03 10:01:05 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:51:50 by NordicLion

Paladin Consortium recently organized a stock ship tournament in Andhrimi's space (Big Pappa's base). Six wings from Paladin Consortium and Warriors of Wyrd fought against each other for the victory. After some hours of beautiful fights, Warriors of Wyrd won this first tournament. Congratulation!

A successful convoy to the Pleiades!

Posted 2018-09-10 09:10:31 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:51:15 by NordicLion

The rescue convoy to the Pleiades was a success. The fleet arrived yesterday, at 23:47, in Asari Orbital. Several cargo ships gave enormous amounts of painite, medecine, food and water to the station.

The pirate activity was lower than expected, meaning that the strategies deployed to avoid their ships were successful. Only one pirate, full of faith, tried to put his hand on a tasty cargo.

Paladin Consortium - Unified as one.

War in Lave

Posted 2018-09-05 13:22:08 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:51:30 by NordicLion

A civil war recently started in Lave between Lave Radio Network and AEDC.
Paladin Consortium decided to answer positively to the call for help from their Allies.
Paladin Consortium will secure the space in the Old world and try to bring back peace into the void.

Convoy to the pleiades: Paladin report

Posted 2018-08-16 09:38:18 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:50:35 by NordicLion

Potential use of the materials needed in the pleiades:

- PAINITE: As the communication have not been re-established, the credits are not valuable. The damaged stations can trade with hard materials only. In order to support those stations financially, the Paladin Consortium will provide a large amount of painite.

- WATER, FOOD and ADVANCED MEDECINE: Emergency needs.

- ALUMINUM: Emergency need for structural works on damaged stations.

Convoy to the pleiades: Paladin report

Posted 2018-08-16 09:37:42 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:50:09 by NordicLion

The xeno-hunters of the Consortium reported an increase of the pirate activity in the pleiades. They have observed some spying beacons placed in the systems commonly used to travel between Federal space and the Blue Nebula. Our pilots took one of those beacons, and it is currently under analyses in the high-tech laboratory of Yurchiken station, in Andhrimi. The latest report from the Laboratory is that those beacons are equiped with long range captors to intercept basic ship to ship transmissions. The databases of those beacons appear to be heavily encrypted. It is for now very uncertain if transmissions about the red cross operation were intercepted.

Convoy to the pleiades

Posted 2018-08-12 12:17:55 by Noduran
Edited 2018-10-19 12:49:33 by NordicLion

The thargoid threat has increased. The Pleiades need help more than ever. Paladin Consortium has decided to send a large convoy of medicines, food, water and important materials to the most damaged outposts.

We ask for a very high discretion about this convoy, as the number of pirates is important in these regions. We will give you more information as soon as possible.

- 1000 T of Aluminium;
- 600 T of painite;
- 200 T of Advanced medecines
- 500 T of grains.
- 500 T of water.

The convoy will leave the Sunday 9th September 3304. Please sign the sheet as freighters or escort. Freighters are welcome to bring weapons to defend themselves.


Reward: Encounter a Thargoid in LFT 37 and win

Posted 2018-07-24 08:19:18 by NordicLion
Edited 2018-07-24 08:19:53 by NordicLion

Following the incursion of Thargoid ships into the inhabited bubble, commanders of Paladin Consortium eagerly await the chance to fight them on our home turf.
CMDR Digitarry will personally make and ship a small selection of Paladin Consortium self adhesive logos to the first Paladin who encounters (and proves through video) a Thargoid in LFT 37

The battle for Aparctias

Posted 2018-03-12 13:49:31 by Noduran
Edited 2018-07-24 08:23:00 by NordicLion

The battle for Aparctias is coming. While Paladin Consortium is slowly retreating from the system, Union for Aparctias future (UAF) and EGU are entering in a conflict that will most likely determine the futur of this sytem. The dictatorship that EGU applies on the population of this system has recently reached a new level of horror that we cannot tolerate. For that reason, Paladin Consortium decided to help UAF to gain the system control.
Our mission as Paladins is simple. Until the war start, we need to increase the influence of UAF by sharing their propaganda. Once the war start, we'll enter the war zones and fight, more than ever, to push EGU out of that system.
We cannot accept this dictorship in a neighboring system.

Call for the battle of L 119-33

Posted 2018-03-05 18:17:07 by Noduran
Edited 2018-07-24 08:22:31 by NordicLion

Dear Paladins,

"Shall we allow our audacious enemies to violate with impunity the territory of the Consortium? Will you permit the army to escape which has carried terror into your families and friends? You will not. March, then, to meet him. Tear from his brows the laurels he has won. Teach the world that a malediction attends those that violate the territory of the Paladins. The result of our efforts will be unclouded glory, and a durable peace."

Today, we have a great opportunity. The opportunity to show EG pilots that they are vulnerable. That they can't walk and act as they want.
Today, we need to strike hard!

Track Of Boom Canyon Race Challenge winner announced

Posted 2018-02-05 19:02:05 by NordicLion
Edited 2018-02-05 19:02:36 by NordicLion

Free lance report by Cmdr Blackwaters:

House Phoenicia and the Palcon Racers organized their first racing challenge just before the 25th of december 3303, to run for a month.
The goal of this challenge was to obtain the best time of a single lap of the so-called Track Of Boom on LFT 37 6 A.
This racing track has taken its name from its overall B shape, as well as the tendency of competing pilots to end up splattering violently against the walls of the canyon.
A few courageous CMDRs accepted to take up the challenge and submitted their best laps for the three separate categories of ships (S, M, and L), demonstrating remarkable flying skills.
One pilot distinguished himself particularly, by winning not one or two categories, but all three!

The name of the winner is none other than CMDR Arkansand from House Phoenicia, well-known as the winner of the "Magnificent Seven" SLF fighter rumble event organized by NMTC earlier last year.
Once again, he showed his ability to handle small ships such as his signature Viper MkIII, the PC Arrow, with unrivaled prowess, using a mix of traditional and FA-OFF manoeuvers. Observers reported that his top speed had been measured at around 895m/s!
But he also surprised the onlookers with a previously unseen level of mastery flying the Imperial Clipper, with extremely precise steering to compensate for the ship's weak side thrusters.

While CMDR Arkansand is currently away on a mission, the Paladin Consortium is waiting for his return to celebrate his well-deserved victory and gift him with a prize of his choosing.

More racing events will be organized during 3304, expect some surprises!

Fly dangerously!

PalCon spearheads junior commander initiative

Posted 2017-12-31 12:23:29 by NordicLion
Edited 2018-01-31 19:20:17 by NordicLion

Always eager to recruit new members, our very own cmdr Big Pappa has initiated his twin sons in the noble brotherhood of Elite Dangerous Pilots. Realising that the pilots of Elite Dangerous are not always as noble as it is fitting for an environment for young minds, Big Pappa came up with the idea of creating a private group for budding commanders to interact with eachother and learn the trade.

The junior commanders initiative, called "Not So Dangerous", is supported by, among others, Hutton Orbital Truckers, Wolves of Jonai, Ghost Legion, Privateers Alliance and Adle's Armada. Talks are under way with Frontier Development whom Big Pappa hopes will officailly back the junior commander initiative.

We will surely hear more about this in the future, and if you know a young person eager to enter the cockpit but not quite old enough to handle interaction with the less desirable pilots, please contact Big Pappa to learn more about the junior commander initiative.

Paladin Consortium wishes all a Merry Christmas

Posted 2017-12-24 15:53:24 by Noduran
Edited 2017-12-31 12:25:04 by NordicLion

Throughout Paladin Space the old Earth winter solstice festival is celebrated as a time to appreciate friends and family.
PalCon council will be visiting orphanages and hospitals and many paladins will be docking their ships for the duration of the holidays to spend time with friends and family and to give a hand to the less fortunate.
We wish you all a merry Christmas! May Big Santa give you a lot of presents (and a lot of good food).

Paladins rush to aid Radio Sidewinder Crew

Posted 2017-12-15 07:48:42 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-12-15 09:04:14 by NordicLion

On Wednesday, Dec 13, Paladin Consortium center of operations picked up a distress signal from a Radio Sidewinder Crew outpost in the Na Chem system.
A scout was immediately dispatched and could soon report back and tell of a system being overrun by terrorist forces supporting a local anarchy faction, that Radio Sidewinder Crew head not been able to completely subdue after taking control of the Na Chem systems. The effort seemed to be orchestrated by the notorius terrorist group Smiling Dog Crew.
All the while a large ragtag navy of pirate ships from all over the bubble was besieging the controlling station, groups of pirates were harassing all ships traveling in the system stopping any reinforcements.
A large group of paladins immediately set off for Na Chem, and alarm was sounded in the galactic anti terror unit, The Armada of Light (TAOL). Within a few hours several of the TAOL member groups had sent police pvp forces to Na Chem to secure the local population and traders passing by, and aiding a group of paladins trying to break through to Radio Sidewinder Crew in the besieged station.
Fierce fighting ensued, in conflict zones as well as in super cruise. Free passage in supper cruise was ensured within a few hours, and Paladin forces were able to push back the pirate forces, but alas, the call for aid had been sent too late, and the next day, the pirate forces broke through the Radio Sidewinder Crew defenses and took control of the station and thus the Na Chem system.
Paladin Consortium, together with allied forces from TAOL, are currently talking to Radio Sidewinder Crew leadership to see if we can help them regain control of Na Chem and secure their systems from any future anarchist attacks.
If you are in the vicinity of Na Chem they will much appreciate any help in form of bounty hunting in the nearby Radio Sidewiner Crew controlled systems if you hand in the bounty vouchers in Na Chem.
Radio Sidewinder Crew is a democratic faction controlling a handful of systems centered around their home world, Tago. They run the galactic audio information and entertainment service, Radio Sidewinder, which can be accessed via this link: https://inara.cz/radioplayer.php

First TAOL training: TAOL Academy

Posted 2017-12-07 11:00:34 by Noduran
Edited 2017-12-31 12:24:39 by NordicLion

On this wednesday 6th of december 3303, the first TAOL (The Armada of light) training was organized and hosted by Paladin Consortium in Nemet. 9 ships fighted together to work on wing coordination, communication, and evasion skills.
This training was a first of a long serie. Every wednesday, many commanders from TAOL will meet to improve their flying skill.
Paladin Consortium is back!

Fake Pilot's Federation Ship IDs

Posted 2017-11-26 16:50:51 by Inyahin
Edited 2018-01-18 21:51:17 by Inyahin

Reports are coming in that ISIS POSSE are using Fake Pilot's Federation IDs in Isis and the neighbouring systems; using legitimate CMDRs ID as their own. Paladin Consortium has issued a statement that all Wanted Pilot's Federation Ships carrying a Ship Name of ISIS POSSE are to be shot on sight and killed. Paladin Consortium will not tolerate the abuse of Pilot's Federation IDs. But be warned, they will fight back, don't expect any mercy.

Isis Posse gain support

Posted 2017-11-26 16:23:10 by Inyahin

ISIS POSSE have completed their hostile take over of Levchenko Relay from the hands of LFT 78. For the past year they have been spreading their Anti-Torval Slavery propaganda, promising true freedom, not only from slavery but from the Laws that legitimise slavery. And that the "Independent Protectorate" of Paladin Consortium is another one of Torval's guises to legitimise Her slavery racket.

The citizens of ISIS are starting to see things their way and played their part by a mass exodus of LFT 78 Patron's offices and station on the day that ISIS POSSE came knocking on the door leaving only the foreign LFT 78 Employees to fend off these renegades.

A new friendship?

Posted 2017-11-26 13:16:11 by Noduran
Edited 2017-12-31 12:24:18 by NordicLion

On the night of the 25th of November 3303, a combat wing of the Consortium was sent to the system of Rosmerta, answering to a call for help from the United German Commanders (UGC). UGC had to transport an important amount of gold to an other system with financials difficulties. Paladin Consortium was called to convoy the freighters.

The pirates from the Next and RoA organisation didn't miss this opportunity and attacked the wing of the consortium. While the freighters were correctly protected, it was a very hard fight for the Consortium. Many crew members died during this battle.

After this sacrifice, UGC thanks the Consortium for this help and offer their trust and help for the future. A new friendship arised.

Arngi system residents cheer arrival of Paladin Consortium pilots

Posted 2017-11-22 14:49:51 by NordicLion

After months of preparation the Paladin Consortium representation in the Arngi system could finally open. The occasion was celebrated by locals who have followed the prosperity of the Paladin Consortium systems for several years, and Paladin Consortium pilots landing at Novitski Mines were greeted by cheering residents.

Polls already show Paladin Consortium to be the second most popular faction in the system, and according to local pundits it is only a matter of time before the paladins are offered the leadership of the two outposts as well as the system as a whole.

Cmdr Galerak, campaign manager of the New Arrakis effort in Arngi exclaimed "We are here for good and we are here to take over and set things right for the people of Arngi".

Ramaswamy Port Liberated

Posted 2017-11-10 08:48:18 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-11-27 10:08:05 by NordicLion

Jubilant crowds greeted the Paladin Consortium pilots when they entered Ramaswamy Port in Tavgi, shortly after the last Imperial Nagas warships had left station orbit. Two months of brutal Imperial control is finally over.
"The former Federal rule was bearable, and I don't hate the Empire as such, but the harsh dictatorship rule of the Imperial Nagas was the final straw that made me support the independent Paladin Consortium bid for power on our station", said one cheering Ramaswamy Port resident.
"At least the Federals of Tavgi Consortium let us keep our basic rights and mostly left us alone, but the Imperials of Imperial Nagas started drafting our young men and women to their navy to fill up their ranks when they started suffering defeats and noone volunteered. I am so happy to see the paladins move into the goverment offices of Ramaswamy Port", said station traffic controller Bes Tastanaranda.
Paladin Consortium has started reinstating the democratic institutions on Ramaswamy Port and expect to have local elections for station council soon.

Paladin Consortium preparing for war

Posted 2017-11-01 21:42:15 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-11-01 21:47:00 by NordicLion

After a long period of peaceful coexistence with the neighbouring Imperial Nagas, the Paladin Consortium is now facing a direct challenge for control of the Tavgi system from their former friends.
The conflict comes after a period of expansion from the Imperial Nagas, first to Tavgi, where they wrestled away control of Ramaswamy Port from the Tavgi Consortium and then they continued to expand to Theta Sculptoris. In the latter system the Imperial Nagas have spread propaganda against LTT 198 Order and Paladin Consortium, and rumour has it that they have bribed their way to positions of influence in the system. Now they seem to have done the same in Tavgi, and war seems inevitable.
"We had a treaty with the Imperial Nagas", says Paladin Consortium inquisitor and spokesperson M. Grey, "The Imperial Nagas claimed to work for the general support of senator Torval in this region of space and they said they would not claim any other space ports for control by their faction."
"The Imperial Nagas diplomats have assured us that they are not aiming for control of neither Tavgi nor Theta Sculptoris, where we have invested considerable effort in building up a democratic society in spite of the religious dictatorship now controlling the system", says Paladin Consortium executive council member Nordic Lion, "But either they are deliberately trying to slow us down while grabbing what they want, or fractions withing their group have made their own goal of subduing the population of this region to yet another dictatorship. Whatever the case, Paladin Consortium will stand by it's ideals and support democracy, freedom and prosperity in all systems where we are present, and if it takes a war or two to save the people of Tavgi and Theta Sculptoris from their clutches then we will go into that war with all of our available resources, and we will win."
Hostilities are mounting, but as neither Imperial Nagas nor Paladin Consortium seem to have set up their fleets for deployment, actual combat is not expected to erupt before November 4th, 3303.
Paladin Consortium calls on all of it's pilots to support the people of Tavgi and the war effort.

Nemetian awakening?

Posted 2017-10-20 11:48:47 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-11-05 20:10:52 by NordicLion

After the Nemet Exodus of May 3303 the House of Nemet was left severely weakened. Loyal commanders kept it going, and little by little House of Nemet has rekindled the original idea of the house while keeping respect for the other houses.

Recently cmdr Digitarry has spoken up and suggested to revive the Nemetian tradition of non organised consensual PvP (friendly combat training) and reestablishing the policy of "If you go to Nemet you should expect to be shot at". With cmdr Digitarrys reputation of being a man of honor working for the greater good of Paladin Consortium the suggestion has been met with considerably warmer reactions than the original suggestion by House of Nemet in April 3303, and several commanders have opted to move to House of Nemet to support cmdr Digitarry and House of Nemet.

Currently negotiations are still underway, but the council hopes that we this time can agree on a way to provide non organised combat training for the many commanders who have been missing this while still respecting the commanders who do not wish for this.

In order to encourage friendly PvP it has been agreed to expand the "opt in" list for PvP to include not only those commanders who have their name on the list but also all members of Paladin Consortium prefixing their ship name with "PC*" (ie. the letters PC and a star).

The Pally - new issue available in the forum

Posted 2017-10-16 14:51:21 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-10-16 14:55:10 by NordicLion

"The Pally" news media, formerly posted in Discord chat, has now it's latest issue available for reading in the forum topic "Pilots log: Roleplay".
"The Pally" reports big and small happenings in the Paladin Bubble of systems, and it is written by our very own cmdr BlackmailGnome.
Navigate to the forum and enjoy: https://www.paladinlocker.com/forumthread.php?thread=36

The war started

Posted 2017-09-27 11:42:42 by Noduran
Edited 2017-11-26 20:08:57 by NordicLion

The first attacks by Thargoids vessels were reported yesterday evening, on the 26th of September 3303. Many Paladins of our consortium were in the first line. For Humanity, the consortium and science. However, this war started as a lightning. Many ships were destroyed. Despites the rescue missions, a lot of capsules desappeared, probably harvested by the Thargoids. Several Paladins are already missing only 12 hours after the first reported fight.
It seems that our weapons are ineffective against the Thargoids vessels. However, they can hurt us. And they do it well.

Good luck Paladins, there is always hope.

Paladin Convoy to Pleiades

Posted 2017-09-25 19:10:53 by NordicLion

On Sunday, 24 Sep 3303 a fleet of Paladins set out from Big Pappa's Base and went the long way to Merope. Some had already arrived, scouting the key inhabited systems of the Pleiades, and others will follow in the days to come.

Numerous Thargoid ships have been sighted in the region, and the number of encounteres have increased lately, leading us to believe that they are paving the way for an invasion or at least a large operation by the Thargoid aliens during the next few days.

We, the paladins of Paladin Consortium have never been afraid to stand in the first line of confrontation. It may yet be that the Thargoids come with peaceful intent, and in that case humanity needs cool headed commanders like us to keep Human aggressors in place. However, if the Thargoids come to wage war against humanity, they will find that the cool heads of Paladin Consortium also wield iron fists.

There is still time for you to join the Paladin Fleet for scouting and patrols (and a bit of fun and shenanigans) in the Pleiades. We are based in Reed's Rest (orbital station) and Alcazar's Hope (planetary base) in the Merope station.

Tales from Witchspace

Posted 2017-09-20 21:07:54 by Noduran
Edited 2017-09-20 21:22:33 by Noduran

Dear Paladins,

House Phoenicia, from the coalition of New Arrakis, is launching a story contests. As the artists of the Consortium, we know that there is a bit of Phoenicia in every Paladin!

The thargoids are coming. We all know that. Why, where, how? Scientific theories, political tensions and plots... From all over the Milky way, pilots are trying to answer these questions. Some will die, some will return home, others will be hailed as heroes. What about you, commander?

To participate to this event, you just have to write a story related to these two lines.
- You can add some drawings or screenshots to your story , but it is not mandatory.
- You must respect the official lore.
- All stories and extra contents must be delivered before the 20th of October 3303. We'll announce the results for Halloween 3303.
- We will not judge the stories on the english quality. So, don't hesitate to try if it is not your native language.
You are Paladins, you are our lore.

Two prizes will be delivered:
- The main prize delivered by the Jury
- PalCon prize, where all members of PalCon will have the possibility to vote.
The prizes are IRL.

We open as well 2 other contests. Feel free to participate to all of them!
- The best artwork.
- The best screenshot.

Trolls accepted.
Good luck Paladins!

Admiral Noduran for Phoenicia and New Arrakis.


Big Pappa's base!

Posted 2017-09-16 15:47:47 by Noduran
Edited 2017-09-27 19:37:39 by NordicLion

Andhrimi finally got its asteroid base! Feel free to visit "Big Pappa's base" in one of the most beautiful ring of our systems!
Many paladins joined in Savinykh Hub (LFT 37) on Thurday 14th 3303, with ships full of chaff! After a beautifully synchronized jump, everybody arrived in Andhrimi to celebrate this amazing new asteroid base! A new paradise for bounty hunters...


Paladin Locker staff

Posted 2017-09-12 19:04:26 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-09-16 17:19:01 by NordicLion

If you need any help logging in or using the Paladin Locker, please contact the locker admins: NordicLion, M. Grey, Noduran and Galerak.
Hopefully the forum will be used, and at some point we will need one or more forum admins/moderators. Please contact any of the admins if you are interested in becoming a forum admin or moderator.
We also need some guide writers to expand our library of guides, tips and tricks for Elite Dangerous. Please visit the forum topic "Submissions/applications for guide writing" in the public area if you are interested in writing or contributing to guides.

Welcome to the new Paladin Locker

Posted 2017-08-31 11:25:27 by NordicLion
Edited 2017-09-17 09:40:33 by NordicLion

Congratulations on opening the new Paladin Locker! Here you will find all the functions from the old locker, plus a new forum to replace the discontinued one, plus the new events list and the guides section.
Discord is still our main way of communicating, but for quite a while it has been apparent that Discord is not very good for storing information, and the new Paladin Locker is meant to make up for this.
The feature that I personally am most excited to see in use is the events list. I want Paladin Consortium to be a group that does things together - not only the large, story driven events, that several members have used a lot of time to organise, but also small day to day get togethers. It will mostly be the Social Secretaries of the 8 houses that organise events, but all officers of the houses can post an event. The organisers can choose to ask people to sign up for participation, which will allow everyone to see who else have signed up, or they can choose to ask people to just show up.
Another feature I can't wait to see is the guides section. We have among us many veteran commanders of Elite Dangerous, and we have a culture of sharing knowledge and pro tips with eachother. I hope many of you will volunteer to share your experience in a guide, be it a brief description or a long winded treatise.
The Our faction page holds all the content from the old locker, and it will be the go to page for all the BGS crazies like myself. No new features have been added to this, but some quality of life improvements have been made.
The My house page is meant to be a new hub for coordination and planning in the houses. If you instead see the title of that page as Houses, it's because you have not yet signed up for a house (or have not registered your house membership in the locker) and if so you should hurry up to sign up for a house, because otherwise you are definitely missing out on stuff!
The new forum is basically a way to continue our talks from Discord in a more structured form. However, as we all start using the forum I wouldn't be surprised to see it's use develop into something else.
Finally there is My page, where you can share information about yourself, upload an avatar image for the forums, and also you will find a small notepad, useful for saving information on the fly while you are in game. At some later stage we will also have a personal message system in the new Locker.
The new Paladin Locker has been in development for quite a while - thank you for your patience, by the way - and as needs arise there may very well come new features.
Now, get going, have a look around and start using this site - after all, without your contributions this site and our group as a whole would be nothing.