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Small Ships Security
30. Oct 3306 at 20:00 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Andhrimi - Big Pappa's Base
Game mode: Open

Bounty hunting in haz RES in small ships!
Depending on participants we'll form wings and send full wings to different Haz RES:
- Andhrimi
- Qarato
- Segovit
- Dalia
- BPM 45047 (8K ls!)
- Tavgi

We may also accept "Wing Assassiantion" contracts to secure civil liberty in our systems!

Ships allowed:
- Sidewinder
- Hauler
- Eagle
- iEagle
- Adder
- Viper MK III & MK IV
- Cobra MK III & MK IV
- Asp Scout
- iCourier
- Diamondback Scout
- Dolphin
- Vulture

Engineering is allowed! Bring your toys!

Open to all

Event posted by M. Grey on 2017-09-20 18:38:19. Edited by colinhype on 2020-10-22 21:39:29