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Bounty contest
04. Sep 3304 at 20:00 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Gordon enterprise in Tavgi
Game mode: Open

Small bounty competition tonight!
We'll meet in Tavgi (gordon) and make teams! The team that get the highest amount of bounties wins. We'll then go and cash somewhere useful.
Simple and fun. Ramming allowed

Open to all
Organizer: Nodurqn

Event posted by Noduran on 2018-09-04 14:09:45

Friday flight school
08. Jun 3304 at 20:30 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Roetgen hub (LFT 37)
Game mode: Open

FFS: How to be a good coward? This time, we will learn how to evade/escape correctly and survive a violent attack. Two main points will be studied:
1) I'm a trader/explorer and I don't want to fight and die. For that part, you will need a stock T6 with a shield.
2) I'm a fighter, but I need to evade when time has come. For that part, you can re-use the viper from the previous FFS.

See you soon!

Open to all
Organizer: Noduran

Event posted by Noduran on 2018-05-18 12:12:16. Edited by Noduran on 2018-06-05 11:39:18

PvP training with the Fatherhood
09. Mar 3304 at 20:30 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Nemet
Game mode: Open

This Friday, we'll host our first pvp training with the Fatherhood!

Please, come in numbers with your favorite ship (engineered). We'll have good fun! They're great people!

Open to all
Organizer: Noduran

Event posted by Noduran on 2018-03-08 12:06:35

Small Ships Security
22. Feb 3304 at 20:30 - 22:00 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Andhrimi - Big Pappa's Base
Game mode: Open

Bounty hunting in our haz RES in small ships!

Depending on number of participants we'll form wings and send full wings to different Haz RES:
- Andhrimi
- Tavgi
- BPM 45047
- Qarato

Ships allowed:
- Sidewinder
- Eagle
- iEagle
- Adder
- Viper MK III & MK IV
- Cobra MK III & MK IV
- Asp Scout
- iCourier
- Diamondback Scout

Engineering is allowed! Bring your toys!
Event is "open end" - keep securing if wings are still up! Latecomers welcomed!

Open to all

Event posted by M. Grey on 2017-09-24 10:12:32. Edited by M. Grey on 2018-02-19 09:20:45

Canyon racing
11. Feb 3304 at 20:30 - 23:00 (game time/UTC)
We meet at Qarato 23,38 79,94
Game mode: open

Sunday the 11th Feb, 20:30 gametime
Canyon racing in Qarato 10E
UPDATE: Chosen location is track #2 (see map in events channel).

Track #2 is a technical course but boost is possible on a number of places for the daring.

Open to all ship types and modifications BUT – excessive engineering for speed will most likely not last too long without an ace pilot. Sturdiness/speed/manouverability must be balanced.
There will be three races:
Sprint - 1 lap
Medium distance - 4 laps
Endurance - 8 laps

There will be four classes based on boost speed:
- Turtle class .............................................. 0-399
- Wannabe class .......................................400-499
- Bullet class (Including all fighters).. 500-569
- Absurd class ........................................... 570-1000

A ship launched fighter is a very good choice for a number of reasons:
1. They are fast and fun to fly.
2. They will let you respawn in instance and on location should the inevitable happen.
3. If you are on location after crash you can watch the rest of the race and also help marshall track boundaries.

Gather at track #2 starting point (see map and coords) . Join a get to know the course tour a number of laps first together convoy style in moderate speed until all racers feel confident about the course. Races will use mass start with all classes mixed. No deliberate ramming or shooting, gentleman racing rules. No flying above the canyons.

Most welcome!

Open to all
Organizer: NMTC

Event posted by Henfether on 2018-02-03 00:47:08. Edited by Henfether on 2018-02-11 10:33:27