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Fast Fed rank and big credits

A guide by NordicLion
Created 2017-11-27 10:59:32. Last edited 2017-11-27 14:32:08

Keywords: Federal rank Getting credits Missions

Summary: In the outskirts of the Bubble you can find systems offering lots of easy to complete missions. The systems in this guide were discovered by Cmdr Gravi0us, and after earning 3 Fed ranks and 600 million credits in less than 10 hours play time, I will now tell you where to go and how to do it.


HIP 50660 and HIP 50506.


Courier missions back and forth between the two systems, and skimmer massacre missions from HIP 50660 to be completed in one place in HIP 50506.


Now. We don't know if or when this might be nerfed.

Ship needed:

A small or medium ship with good range (the two systems are located 250 ly from LFT 37), good shields (you will be shot at a lot) and weapons to kill skimmers.

Type: Cmdr Gravi0us has used a Diamondback Scout, I used my trusty Asp Explorer.

Weapons: My weapons layout was pure dumbfire missiles - you will need at least 50 missiles to kill enough skimmers to complete the maximum 20 missions, which means size 2 hardpoints are preferred - size 1 hp holds 18 missiles each, side 2 holds 60 dumbfire missiles each. You can use other weapons, it is entirely possible to kill the skimmers with beams, but dumbfire missiles are the fastest and easiest to use, as long as you bring plenty of them.

Shields: Grade A shields in your largest compartment should be enough, even if unengineered. You probably could also do fine with grade B or second largest compartment, but since you don't need much else in way of optional internals, why not just take the larges.

How to do it:

Begin in HIP 50506 at Parise Stop (outpost) and pick up courier missions going to Armstrong Hub (outpost) in HIP 50660. Mode switch (ie. log out to main menu and get back in game in another mode, Open - Private group - Solo, also note that different Private groups are treated as different modes) until you have picked up the maximum 20 missions. Most courier missions will be to Armstrong Hub and all factions in HIP 50506 are Federation aligned. If you have credits to spend also accept the donation missions offered as they give a good boost to influence.

At Armstrong Hub in HIP 50660 you complete all the missions and then pick up courier missions to Parise Stop in HIP 50506. Most courier missions will be to Parise Stop - but only pcik those to Parise Stop. Only pick up missions from the 3 factions in HIP 50660 that are Federation aligned. If you have credits to spend also accept the donation missions offered as they give a good boost to influence - especially donation missions offered by HIP 50506 Confederation (more about this later).

You should keep doing this until you have allied status with all Federation aligned factions in HIP 50506 and HIP 50660. Once you have achieved this you can go to stage 2:

Now you can start picking up skimmer massacre missions from Armstrong Hub in HIP 50660. You should only accept missions offered by HIP 50660 Confederation and Revolutionary Betseoltana Future, and only missions to kill skimmers at Hornby Prison in HIP 50506.

You could pick up the maximum 20 skimmer massacre missions, but I don't recommend this. The thing is that Hornby Prison is controlled by HIP 50506 Confederation, and after killing about 100 skimmers your reputation with them will go from Allied to Hostile, at which point the lone ship guarding Hornby Prison will attack you on sight.

Instead I recommend you pick up 12 skimmer massacre missions (offered by HIP 50660 Confederation and Revolutionary Betseoltana Future) and 8 courier missions offered by HIP 50506 Confederation going to Parise Stop.

You then jump to HIP 50506 and deliver the 8 courier missions at Parise Stop, where you pick up another 8 courier missions offered by HIP 50506 Confederation going to Armstrong Hub.

Then you super cruise to Hornby Prison. Once arriving at Hornby Prison you will see a lone Federation ship guarding the settlement. Usually the ship is on the ground, but once in a while it will be in the air, patrolling the perimeter. You will see all kinds of ships, from a fighter or an Eagle to a Corvette or a T9 guarding the prison.
If the ship is on the ground, position yourself right next to it, so that it will have to turn around to get a shot at you.
At this point you unleash your weapons of choice and kill all the skimmers, of which there should be 6. After making sure they are all dead, you log out to main menu. There will be a 15 seconds waiting time until you are allowed to log out, and in this time the guarding ship will be able to shoot at you. Usually they only land a few shots and you will not even be able to see that any damage has been done to your shields, but some times they will have time to unleash a heavy barrage, taking away a ring or two of your shields - and this is why you need to have at least decent shields on your ship.

After you have logged out to main menu you then log back in. In this case any mode can be used, the skimmers (usually) respawn even if you log in using the same mode as before. From old habit and just to be sure, I mode switch anyway.

Then you kill the skimmers, log out to main menu, log back in etc. Once you have made all the kills necessary to complete all your skimmer massacre contracts, you leave the planet and jump to HIP 50660 and go to Armstrong Hub.

When you arrive at Armstrong Hub, you will see that HIP 50506 Confederation are not as fond of you as they used to be. This is why you also pick up courier missions - because after delivering the 8 courier missions picked up at Parise Stop, plus the 8 courier missions you will now pick up at Armstrong Hub, all for HIP 50506 Confederation, you should be able to get back to Allied status with them and avoid immediate agression once you go to Hornby Prison again.

Completing the 12 massacre missions should give you around 60 million credits, or if you are a bit picky up to 90 million credits - all in about 30-40 minutes of flying, killing and mode switching.

Rinse and repat until you have the desired funds and the desired rank.