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Thread: The Pally (News from around the PalCon bubble)

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UTC 2017-10-16 11:49:58 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#43

16th October 3303

Qarato : Local Salvager Found Murdered

Early this morning the body of Calvyn Orange, a notorious salvager and self styled rogue, was found in his cabin aboard Drexler Dock, with a single bullet wound to the head. Security services have described a young woman that was last seen accompanying Mr Orange as a person of interest. She is described as being mid 20’s, average height, short brown hair and thin but toned physique with a small five pointed star tattooed on her left cheek.

Calvyn Orange was a character, often seen hanging around with the murkier side of the system , yet made a living as a legal salvager. Recently though, he was thought to have amassed a blood debt with members of the Silver Pirates, although this is yet to be substantiated. He leaves behind a widow and two teenage boys.

Anyone with information about the late Mr Orange’s movements or his companions current whereabouts should contact the head of Security on Drexler dock.


Isis : Mad Cat Lady Leaves Estate to Isis Posse Members

The late Irene Adderland, also known as the “Mad Cat Lady” has left her substantial estate to members of the Isis Posse, leaked documents have revealed. Ms Adderland was known to have a romantic soft spot for the “lovable rogues”, as she often referred to the Isis Posse , often inviting them over for a cup of tea and Bridge. Surviving family members are currently locked in a court battle to prevent her former assets being inherited by the anarchist group.

Ms Adderland owned deeds and property throughout the Bubble including in both the Achenar and Sol systems. Also included in her will was provisions for her three thousand cats, making them some of the richest felines in history.


Segovit : CEO “Unaware” of Potential Take Over

The CEO of Segovit Systems, Will Fencer, was recorded during an interview exclaiming his surprise that rumours of several potential buyers interest. Speaking as part of an interview into the role of corporations in the so called “Thargoid Crisis”, Mr Fencer responded, “I have no knowledge, I’m afraid, of any offer or potential offer for [Segovit] Systems. You would think as CEO I would be in on it, wouldn’t you?”

The rumours have gained traction recently as System Segovit’s influence continues to fall, causing concern for all those invested with the corporation.


BPM 45047 : “Illegal” Phillpotts Palace Race Stopped

Phillpotts Palace security broke up an illegal race late last night as part of an ongoing effort to reduce anti-social behaviour that is plaguing the complex. Over twenty so called competitors were arrested, but later released without charge, in what is being heralded as a no nonsense approach by authorities.

Over the past year, Phillpotts Palace has been the venue for several illegal Viper races, as well as the being part of the underground Too Fast! SRV series.


Qarato : Crew of Nemet Backing Silver Pirates?

Combat ships bearing marks of Crew of Nemet have been seen supporting Silver Pirates’ operations in their ongoing war with the Value Party several news agencies have reported. While there is little love lost between the groups, it seems like this trend of so called pirates helping each other out coincides with the rise of Hellbrand Higgins and the general discord surrounding the so called Thargoid threat.

As of yet there has been no official confirmation but does follow the trend set by the Isis Posse.

UTC 2017-10-17 08:37:01 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#46

17th October 3303


Isis : Illegal Doming Rave Raided

Late last night, an illegal Doming Rave was raided by system security officers as part of an ongoing initiative to discourage extreme activities within the system. The rave, set up temporarily in an old abandoned mining building, was secured then shut down with the minimal of resistance. Several key arrests were made but the authorities are still searching for the main organisers believed to be DJ Dax and Missy McGee – the notorious “Voice of the Alts” as they coin themselves.

Amongst those arrested were youngsters from prominent families within both the Noblemen of Qarato and Segovit Monarchy.


Qarato : Birthday Causes Havoc at Drexler Dock

Authorities are counting the cost of a Commander’s 43rd birthday after it, to put it mildly, got quite out of hand. Starting just after midnight galactic time, a conga of small ships attempted to circle Drexler Dock before starting a misguided game of hide and seek. One of the celebrants had to be rescued from her Eagle after getting stuck amongst the external support lattice, while another found a rather unique place to park his Viper – emergency services are still onsite trying to dislodge the ship.

Internally, Drexler Dock didn’t fare any better with a spur of the moment foam party causing havoc with the internal cargo elevators. Several celebrants also managed to get themselves trapped in the rubbish cute after pursuing what they thought was a white rabbit.

One party goer even tried to rewire the entire station’s life support by using strawberry laces – a feat that even managed to surprise the head engineer. “How the Hell she even managed to bypass the auxiliary controls, is beyond me… If I wasn’t so mad I would hire her on the spot!”

A spokesperson for Drexler Dock said, “We understand that it was a special event for those involved but high jinks like these are not going to be tolerated. It is hoped that all those involved feel guilty at the disruption and cost that they have caused.”

The Commander, whose birthday it was, has been reached out to for a comment.


LFT 37 : Rabbit Outbreak Causes Power Chaos on Onnes Gateway

A family of pet rabbits caused power loss on some habitation decks yesterday on Onnes Gateway. The rabbits who originally belonged to Mary Teal, the daughter of a station security officer and restaurant chef, escaped six months ago from their cage. Thought to be two of does, the pair managed to survive and breed – turns out that Cassie was quite as feminine as first thought.

Engineers and technicians reported finding chewed wire and lots of rabbit droppings around the affected systems. Authorities called on the services of local pest control experts only for the former owner to plead for the rabbits to be humanely dealt with.

Cassie, Berrie and their extended family are now the ship mascots on a T-9 while the stations damages control experts continue to assess how a group of small rodents could cause so much damage. Although several decks were affected, station authorities have now declared the situation as under control.


Segovit : Ships Found Adrfit

Three ships, an Imperial Cutter, a Lakon T-9 and a Python, were found undamaged but adrift around Segovit 1 last night. Local system security patrols happened upon the discovery after several traders reported an unidentified signal source in planetary orbit. Upon identifying and investigating the adrift vessels, local authorities have yet to trace their owners and have little information about events leading up to the discovery.

PalCon will only authorise grant salvage licenses once all avenues of investigation have been pursured.


Andhrimi : Billions Wiped Off Value of Andhrimi Crimson Travel PLC

The rumour mill is in overdrive today after interest from several Alliance based corporations for assets belonging to Crimson Travel PLC wiped billions of credits off the stock value. Crimson Travel PLC have been struggling lately but their fortunes seemed to have been turned around when a report detailed the potential acquisition of alien technology surfaced.

Although denied by the CEO, hints at the potential deal appeared after several Crimson Travel licensed cargo ships in dry dock had caustic resistant holds installed.

Crimson Travel PLC have refused to comment on speculation.



UTC 2018-01-09 07:38:01 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#56

9th January 3304


Qarato : Lost Kitten Found on Drexler Dock

Katie the Kitten has finally been reunited with her distraught owner after weeks alone on Drexler Dock. Mylene Fran, youngest daughter to Jake and Olive Fran, reported her beloved pet missing after a brief stay on the station during the festive season.

Speaking from her home on Lave Station, Miss Fran, who has just turned five thanked those members of Drexler Dock security who kept a vigilant look out for her kitten, especially the new head, Daisy Frewer.

"Miss Daisy was absolutely wonderful... she hugged me and told me they'd never stop looking for Katiesnooks... I've made a special card for her. Thank you Daisy. Love you!!"

Daisy Frewer took over as head of security earlt December.


Segovit : Famed Star Diver Found Dead

Steve Rigga, noted Star Diver and controversial talk show host has been found dead on Pauling Settlement aged 56 years.

Although a native of TZ Arietis, recently Mr Rigga has been keeping a lower profile in Segovit after a series of allegations of improper conducted levelled at him by former aides. While he denied all, a multibillion credit out of court settlement was widely reported by mainstream media, forcing him to quit his job as the host of "This is Your Hour, Speak to Me" a popular and controversial talk show.

Although the cause of death has not been released, sources believe that no foul play was involved.


Isis : Authorities Fail to Capture "Voice of the Alts" Pair

Early this morning a joint PalCon task force raided ten s called "Voice of the Alts" key installations across several systems in Paladin controlled space. Little information has been leaked about the raids but it is thought that no arrests were made and that several personnel literally got egg on their faces as they set off a series of childish traps.

"VOice of the Alts" is a pirate radio broadcast that has taken a somewhat darker tone recently with all the tension around Isis. It is often cited as a being behind the increased support of the Isis Posse and other anarchist groups. While no one knows who DJ Dax and Missy McGee are, rumours abound that they are the offspring of high ranking military officials.



UTC 2018-01-11 07:38:55 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#58

11th January 3304

Isis : Head of Private Security Missing

Alistar Greeves, head and founder of private escort and security service "Sons of Osiris" has been reported missing in Isis.

Late last night, the alarm was raised by his wife, Jaren, after failing to receive a pre-arranged safety message. A spokesperson for the Sons of Osiris said, "After failing to receive an 'OK' message from her husband, Mrs Greeves reported her husband missing to the Isisi security services. While we understand the tensions between the authorities and ourselves, we hope that they will take the disappearance of our founder and friend seriously. If anyone is willing to help, a reward has been offered for any information, good or ill, that helps in the investigation of his disappearance. While not activiely engaged in a contract, Mr Greeves was last seen heading towards Isis 2 in his heavily engineered Federal Gunship class ship, 'The Little Bee'." 

The rise of private sector "security services" has irritated Isisi officials, as while not illegal, currently there is no uniformity amongst the services offered and often they are seen as "glorified thugs with nothing but a whiff of legality".

Any pilot with information should contact either the Head of Isisi Secuirty or Janet Posa of the "Sons of Osiris".

Qarato : Billionaire Missing

Family and friends of the realestate tycoon, Timothy Tootson, have reported him missing while on a vacation to visit distant relatives in ther Qarato system.

Sir Tootson, Knight of the Empire and close friend of royalty, had recently discovered a long forgotten side of the family during research into the family's distant history. Close family had noted his impulsive behaviour previously, but were shocked when he took a leave of absence and left the family home in Achenar taking only his privately registered ship, "Dark Empress" an Imperial Class Courier. While Qarato system records show that his vessel had arrived early Tuesday, no further reports of activity had been logged, fueling rumours that his trip was not the vacation so thought by those close to him.

A close family friend noted, "Timmy had a habit of jumping into something with both feet even before thinking it through... Very honour bound, he felt it his duty to provide for everyone single family member so perhaps the thought of blood struggling in that God forsaken hole known as Qarato. Beggers believe really!"

Authorities in both Achenar and Qarato are appealing for information regarding any sightings of Sir Tootson.

Isis : Missing Convoy Found Destroyed

Late last night the wreckage of a missing trade convoy was discovered orbiting Isis 2. 

The convoy was reported missing earlier in the week on a routine mission from LFT 37. Consisting of over twenty Lakon cargo vessels, it left Onnes Gateway under full security escort early Tuesday morning in what should have been a relatively straight forward trip to Schwarzchild Stadium. Further details have yet to be released but a unverified source has pointed to the brutal nature of the destruction, not normally seen in organised piracy.

UTC 2018-01-12 07:35:13 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#59

12th January 3304

Qarato : Missing Billionaires Ship Found

The "Dark Empress", an Imperial Class Courier belonging to the missing billionaire Sir Tootson, has been found abandoned but undamaged on Qarato 1.

The search continues for Sir Tootson, with Qarato 1 being the focal point, but Qarato authorities are beginning to lose hope in finding him alive.

"While it is promising that his ship was found undamaged, it also raises some questions as to whether he indeed wanted to be found. We are working closely with both the family and investigators from Achenar, but we are still hoping that someone has information that could help in finding him."

The "Dark Empress" had a SRV bay fitted which was found to be empty although any tracks left on the surface of Qarato 1 had been disturded due to a minor blunder amongst investigators.

Segovit : "The Crow" Returns

After an absence of almost a decade, the infamous writer and mystic Dana "The Crow" Wimpy has returned to Hiraga Relay.

For over forty years Dana Wimpy has had a reputation as a medium and seer, famously offering her services when the Count von Drakyl's daughter was kidnapped. While there is much controversy surrounding that incident, including allegations that she was in on the kidnapping, it was the infamous "Tyneside Murders" that brought her both wealth and intense scrutiny. During this time she was "exposed" by many sceptics as a fraud and a con woman, often wrapped in threats of violence, but she still managed to write several best sellers about her (often exagerated) roles in helping authorities locate and convict criminals. It took a personal tragedy of losing her daughter for Dana to leave Segovit in a self styled exile. Her return marks the tenth anniversary of her daughter's death.

Isis : Federal Convoy Massacred

Reports are coming in of wreckage thought to be that of a passing Federal Military Convoy.

Independant pilots have reported wreckage surrounding Isis 1 of heavy Federal Combat ships, thought to be a passing Military Convoy heading out on exercises. Although authorities have yet to comment fully on the found wreckage, sources have stated that at they think at least six Federal ships have been destroyed by forces unknown.

Commanders are warned to be cautious in the Isis while these attacks are investigated fully.

Andhrimi : More Trouble Brews for Crimson Travel PLC

After weeks of speculation, Andrhimi Crimson Travel PLC has reported predicted greater financial loses than previously expected. 

Losses were expected after a both the CEO and her deputy where arrested for fraud amongst a large scale operation spanning several systems and over one hundred seperate companies. No one at Crimson Travel PLC was available for comment.

LFT 37 : Private Security Firm Shut Down

Rekton's of Onnes, a private escort and security firm, has been shut down by LFT 37 authorities after it emerged yesterday that high level employees had connections with the Isis Posse.

Authorities in LFT 37 were tipped off about a possible link after a large convoy that was found destroyed had recently changed security providers after some level of mistrust towards Rekton's was discovered. 


UTC 2018-02-06 06:13:11 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#60

6th February 3304

Qarato : Funeral of Local Character is Held

The funeral of Mesha Vladov, so called trader and local character, was held yesterday to a select few including his granddaughter, Aeris.

A larger than life, always willing to buy a round in at the bar, Vladov had a story of his adventures at hand to entertain and thrill anyone willing to listen. Whether it be the story of pirates or soldiers, he could spin a fair yarn like no other before him earning him the title of "Master of Stories" amongst his legion of fans. 

Although not a native to Qarato, he loved his adopted home, with many of his fans calling for the renaming of Qarato 1 in his honour, something which highly amused Vladov. For someone so eager to tell a story, little was truly known about him unless you believed every story he told, but this air of mystery helped cement his place in the local folklore. 

Isis : Private Investigator Reported Missing

Freddy Herd, an renowned private investigator, was reported missing by his office after failing to contact them at a pre-arranged time.

Herd was last seen aboard Levchenko Relay following leads in the Tootson case.

Segovit : Imperial Convoy Massacred

A so called Imperial trade convoy was destroyed while passing through the Segovit system, representatives of the Empire have revealed. While details about the convoy remain wrapped in Imperial secrecy, eye witness reports state that the convoy was comprised of over thirty military grade ships.

Imperial sources have been reached out to for comment.


UTC 2018-08-01 07:04:34 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#77

1st August 3304

Heaviside Arsenal :: Isis : Workers killed as base hit by multiple explosions

Reports are coming in about a series of explosions hitting the planetary base, Heaviside Arsenal on Isis IV with reported loss of life.

Although it has been several hours since the first explosion, due to communication disruption only unverified witnesses have surfaced, yet all accounts point at several explosions in and around landing bay 1 at the planetary base. Unconfirmed reports have also stated that at least three dock workers have been caught up in the blasts and killed, although the actual details are unknown at this time. Authorities have placed a full media blackout around the base stating "that the base is currently unsafe due to major structural damage" and that "it will take time to restore full communications".

These explosions come at a so called "Time of Peace" where rival factions were focused more on the external Thargoid threat than their own internal differences. Whether this is a sign that the alien threat has been normalised or are certain groups using it as a distraction remains to be seen.

Drexler Dock :: Qarato : Head of Qarato Silver Pirates found dead in cabin

Art O'Rourke, current head of the so called Qarato Silver Pirates, has been discovered hanging from a ceiling fan in his cabin onboard Drexler Dock at 01:20 GT this morning. Friends had to call in security to break down the door after he failed to respond to multiple attempts to contact him.

Security officer Jan Merrick released a quick statement, "At 01:20 galactic time, after forced entry into the cabin, a man was found hanging by a cord suspended from a ceiling fan. Although his cause of death is unknown, at the moment we are not looking for anyone else."

O'Rourke had recently taken over as the public head of the Qarato Silver Pirates after a few months of bitter infighting between members.


UTC 2018-08-01 14:00:04 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#79

Update 1st August 3304

Heaviside Arsenal :: Isis : Workers killed as base hit by multiple explosions (updated)

At around 1 am Galactic Time, several explosions ripped through landing pad 1 in Heaviside Arsenal on Isis IV, killing three dock workers and injuring a further ten more. While both the landing pad and the Cobra MkIII docked there suffered major structural damage, most damage was localised and only a handful of secondary fires are now under control. While no official release has been forthcoming, witness reports state that three explosions were heard within about thirty seconds of one another. While it is yet to establish whether this was accidental or a deliberate, security has been stepped up in Heaviside Arsenal and other ports in the Isis system.

The owner of the Cobra caught in the explosions has yet to be determined.

Previous report :

Reports are coming in about a series of explosions hitting the planetary base, Heaviside Arsenal on Isis IV with reported loss of life.


Although it has been several hours since the first explosion, due to communication disruption only unverified witnesses have surfaced, yet all accounts point at several explosions in and around landing bay 1 at the planetary base. Unconfirmed reports have also stated that at least three dock workers have been caught up in the blasts and killed, although the actual details are unknown at this time. Authorities have placed a full media blackout around the base stating "that the base is currently unsafe due to major structural damage" and that "it will take time to restore full communications".


These explosions come at a so called "Time of Peace" where rival factions were focused more on the external Thargoid threat than their own internal differences. Whether this is a sign that the alien threat has been normalised or are certain groups using it as a distraction remains to be seen.


UTC 2018-08-06 17:52:38 Blackmailgnome wrote:p#80

6th August 3304

Isis :: Schwarschild Stadium : Local Gang Found Slaughtered

Yesterday evening after responding to a tip off, investigators found various body parts hidden in biowaste cargo cannisters aboard Schwarschild Stadium. According to the local security service, those body parts all belong to members of a so called gang, "Dax's Midnight Runners", which had been causing a few minor problems within the system. While authorities have yet to allow relatives to view the remains, several leaked holo recordings have reported the lack of heads amongst the bio waste. 

Officer Wallace commented, "The investigation is on going and at this time we wish that both the families and ourselves are left alone to get on with things."

Qarato : A Reported Rise in Ship Theft has Confounded Authorities

According to a leaked report, July has seen a 400% increase in the number of starships stolen within the Qarato system, confounding many within the security services. While many theories over this have been suggested, Qarato officials have played down the leak.

"It is true that there has been a surge of ships stolen, but it is not the 400% that has been bandied around by some. This is the traditional summer holiday season that has been observed since late 20th Century and at this time people often become complacent about simple security measures including locking doors and not storing keycards in plain sight. All we can do is remind the public to take every care possible to secure their ships and belongings."

As of yet official figures have not been released but public confidence is at an all time low.

Qarato :: Qarato 1 : Protests Against the Nomad's Gathering

Opposition to the Nomad Gathering is beginning to gain traction after accusations of rape against their Father.

Every year the Nomads pass through Qarato to a rather frosty reception, although this year it seems that parties unknown are determined to prevent them from following this pilgrimage again. Father, the leader to the Nomads, has been falsely accused by several women of rape and sexual assualt with calls for their ships to be impounded and for him to stand trial. While accusations against the Nomads are nothing new, these seem to to be aimed at Father's so called celibacy and while have been proven to be nothing more than malicious, are setting a worrying precedent for the future.

As usual there has been no communication from the Nomads, and calls for a response have been met with static while those getting too close have had weapons targeted at their subsystems.

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